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Silver Bracelet

May 15th, 2006

With its sleek and elegant look, the silver bracelet is desirable and fashionable in today’s hottest trends. Many are enraptured by the delightful sight that a silver bracelet provides when worn on one’s wrist. Conscientiously crafted, the silver bracelet is composed of an elaborate pattern in the shape of hearts. Each delicate link is carefully connected with one another with skillful precision to ensure that the silver bracelet is the desired end result. The hearts are joined at the triangular end of a heart to create a flowing chain of perfection. The beauty of this sterling silver bracelet can be seen as the heart band cast an illusion of a continuous line of silver. With this effect, the silver bracelet attractively adorns the wrist of the wearer with an essence of elegance suffused in it.

Silver Bracelet

Silver Bracelet Details

Amethyst Silver Bracelet
Main Materials: Sterling Silver, Amethyst
Total Weight: 20g
Approx. Length 7 1/2″

At the core of the silver bracelet is an exquisite gemstone, amethyst which radiates with light and allure. In a long oval shape, the amethyst is eye catching and reflects the beauty of the silver bracelet itself. While the silver band sparkles intensely, the amethyst at the focal point of the silver bracelet shimmers with life and passion. As a result, a silver bracelet can arouse admiration and the ardors of longing and envy when seen by others.

This beautiful silver bracelet contains an essence of ancient designs of sophistication and at the same time, a modern approach to a piece of flawless embodiment of elegance. With the natural and magical healing powers of amethyst, the silver bracelet is flaring up a storm across the nation. Many want to possess this wondrous bracelet, making Soho Five a great site to provide you with affordable opportunities.

Amethyst silver bracelets have been attributed to:

  • Helps increase vivid dreams
  • Relieves depression
  • Promotes calmness, serenity, and spirituality

This chic silver bracelet can be worn with causal wear or graceful attires. With silver as a backdrop and beautiful amethyst at the center, the bracelet is often compatible with many styles. Wearing a silver bracelet to school, work, party, or other social functions will further enhance your image. Also, by wearing a silver bracelet to sleep allows explicit and pleasant dreams to surface. Amethyst has been associated with an uncanny ability to lighten depression, making it a wonderful emollient to ease pain. Thus, with such incredible abilities infused in this magnificent gemstone, a silver bracelet is very desirable among many.