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A Pearl Necklace

July 8th, 2006

Known as the treasures of the sea, pearls are often used in crafting beautiful necklaces that creates an effect of stately elegance upon wearing it. The process in cultivating and obtaining a single perfect pearl is quite tedious in comparison to other exotic gemstones. Pearls can be found within oysters, but the time for a pearl to be harvested and grown, can take from a range of 3 to 6 years. Thus, Sohofive is offering a splendid opportunity for one to indulge in the beauty of pearls by entwining them into a single pearl necklace.

Pearl Necklace

  • Main Materials: Side-drilled freshwater Pearl, faceted crystal double cone
  • Double-Strand
  • Pearl Size 9 x 7mm
  • Approx. Length 17″
  • Filigree or Box Clasp
  • Free Gift Box

When evaluated, pearls are compared and contrasted in terms of luster, size, and shape. It is said that the larger the pearl is, the more valuable it is and the same applies to shape (a perfect sphere is more desirable), and luster (the brightness of light from a pearl). However, Sohofive provides you with an alluring pearl necklace that contains all these aspects. The pearls radiate exquisitely as light gently reflects on each pearl. As a result, this delicate pearl necklace stands out among all other jewelry with its luminous luster.

Symbolizing sophistication and purity, pearls were worn by people with wealth as they are used to show case their status. This is due to the fact that pearls are grown inside living organisms, mollusks, with oysters being the most prominent. This shows the hard work needed to obtain such a treasure. As the years go by and the world becomes more infatuated with its beauty, a pearl necklace is widely admired and worn among many.

A pearl necklace also contains an aura of refinement and gracefulness. When one wears it to a cocktail party or special occasions, heads will turn with looks of appreciation nestled on many faces as they admire and observe the beauty of your pearl necklace. The glimmering radiance of a pearl necklace will bathe one in a heavenly glow. However, a pearl necklace can be worn any time in your everyday life, as it only serves to further enhance one’s natural beauty.

Pearl necklaces have been attributed to:

  • Provide an aura of tranquility
  • Imbuing a sense of elegance and sophistication
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Giving off a radiant glow

The pearl necklaces of Sohofive offers double the beauty as a pearl necklace is entwined with another strand, giving a delicate necklace to be draped around one’s neck. For centuries, a pearl necklace is popular among many of all different ages, for the appeal of pearls will remain the same in the eyes of the beholders. Thus, by acquiring a ravishing pearl necklace of your own is a brilliant choice when our collection provides you with a large variety of pearls.