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Silver Bracelets, Classic and Contempory

August 20th, 2006

Silver bracelets have been sold in a frantic storm across the world due to its sleekness and elegance. At the same time, gemstone sterling silver bracelets are a perfect blend of both classic and modern designs. Looking through our large collection of artistic and fashionable silver bracelets, you will find that Sohofive is a great place to find affordable prices for these marvelous pieces. Many of the silver bracelets shown below are designed solely for Sohofive so this is a wonderful opportunity for one to invest in.

Silver Bracelets

Many people adore the classic and contemporary approach silver bracelets take to enliven one’s wardrobe. Silver bracelets often come in a wide range of different styles, making them good accessories to add to one’s collection. The silver bracelets offered by Sohofive are infused with exotic and alluring stones such as rose quartz, amethyst, and gold rutilate which contain magical elements such as the abilities to heal and relieve emotional wounds and mollify one’s soul into a state of tranquility.

Silver bracelets look elegant and beautiful even if it is a thin strand of silver, for it contains the purity and essence of Earth’s natural beauty. The ones designed exclusively for Sohofive contains gemstones of beauty as it only serves to further enhance their elegance. The simplicity of silver bracelets dazzle in the eyes of the beholder no matter how thin or thick the strands of silver are.

Not limited to any specific occasions, silver bracelets can be worn during causal wear or special festivities that require a little sparkle to one’s appeal. Although not as eye catching as diamonds, they are designed for grace and fluidity of motion, something that diamond bracelets may lack. Each piece of our silver bracelet collection is crafted with meticulous and skillful craftsmanship that enables the final products to contain chains of differing beauty.

Sohofive silver bracelets are great presents to give for any occasions for the receiver will admire the elegant essence of the simple, yet classic designs. Many of our silver bracelets contain interesting patterns that are either with links interwoven with one another or simplicity that reflects the beauty of the bracelet itself.

Beaded Jewelry

August 2nd, 2006

SohoFive beaded jewelry series are all carefully handmade with top quality craftsmanship and genuine semiprecious gem stones. The various collections of beaded earrings, bracelets, and necklaces shown here are most representative of our latest designer handcrafted jewelry styles. These stylish beaded jewelry can be worn on an every day basis, serving as the foundation of elaborateness to one’s apparel. With gemstones of every possible shades of color, beaded jewelry combines ornate gemstones to create a work of art. When compared to other jewelry, beaded jewelry may lack the sparkles of diamonds, silver, and gold, but it makes up in the tranquil feel of simplicity. With a remarkable collection of beaded jewelry that is designed exclusively for Sohofive, we offer great opportunities in providing you with exquisite beaded jewelry that will add a touch of glamour.

Beaded Jewelry

Created with skillful and meticulous craftsmanship, beaded jewelry is created from a rare collection of beautiful gemstones such as tourmaline, amethyst, turquoise, rose quartz, jade, Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls, and other various gemstones. Each gemstone is embedded with a desirable appeal of its own, making it popular among wearers for its fineness and at the same time, simplicity. However, in the same instance, beaded jewelry still contains intricate patterns of gemstones and details that make it stand out when worn. Just by wearing beaded jewelry, it will add a sliver of beauty into your attire.

Each fashionable piece of our collection is imbued with imagination and inspiration of all sorts, allowing the crafters to create a marvelous necklace, bracelet, or earrings. In the end, the beaded jewelry piece is one of a kind.

The beaded jewelry offered by Sohofive contains genuine semiprecious gemstones that are said to be infused with elements that helps enhance one’s well being and stimulate relaxation and calmness. For example, a common gemstone found in most of our designs is rose quartz which is said to be great for attracting love. One other aspect is its ability to promote self-loving and heals emotional wounds. Another notable gemstone used is amethyst which helps vivid dreams proliferate, relieves depression, and promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. With characteristics such as these, beaded jewelry is a must have.

Amesthyst Bracelet