Titanium or Stainless Steel

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A titanium magnetic bracelet or a stainless steel magnetic bracelet?

This is a common question asked by many customers when making a purchase decision. Before titanium was introduced into magnetic jewelry manufacturing, stainless steel was the metal of choice. Like all highly quality stainless steel products, a magnetic bracelet crafted from stainless steel is no exception. It is resistance to corrosion and staining hence the term stainless. The stainless steel used in Sohofive magnetic bracelets is the same 316L grade as those used for surgical instruments, food processing parts, and cutlery.

Steel Magnetic Bracelet

Now let’s turn our attention to titanium magnetic bracelets. Titanium is as strong as steel and half the weight. Titanium has an extremely low incidence of causing allergic reactions from prolonged use, thus the popularity of using titanium in body implant surgeries for its non-allergenic properties. The refining process for pure titanium is difficult hence titanium products are more expensive. More jewelry products are adopting the use of titanium; in some jewelry shops, you will often find titanium wedding bands sold along side with platinum wedding bands. The only reason platinum is more expensive than titanium is because of its rarity, not because it is a better metal.

If you are not convinced about titanium products, go to an eyeglass store and try out a pair of titanium eyeglass frames. You will know and feel the difference instantly compared to regular steel eyeglass frames. Titanium magnetic bracelets offer high durability, lighter weight, and non-allergenic properties.

Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

There you have it, the main differences between titanium and stainless steel. Regardless of which type of metal you preferred, the magnetic bracelets offered by Sohofive are very high quality products.


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