Claspless Magnetic Bracelets

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Sohofive introduces Claspless Magnetic Bracelets into an already extensive magnetic jewelry collection. Each cylinder, heart, square block are made from strong neodymium rare earth magnets. The magnet bracelets are formed by the pull of each adjacent magnet’s pure strength thus requiring neither clasp nor pins to keep the bracelet together.

Claspless Magnetic Bracelets

Also known as a true magnet bracelet where every part of the bracelet is a magnet, these claspless magnetic bracelets are easy to take apart and reassemble to different sizes and styles without instructions. We will be working with jewelry designers in the near future to bring additional magnet bracelet styles to the public using non-traditional heart shaped magnets and more.

As always, keep magnetic bracelets away from pacemakers and similar medical devices. In addition, keep the claspless bracelets away from children as small magnets pose a choking hazard.


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