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The Magical Claspless Magnet Bracelets Will Be Back Soon!

September 20th, 2008

The forever captivating magic of magnet bracelets have not been forgotten. Coming soon will be an entirely new collection in beautiful new designs and colors from the most conservative to the most fancy and romantic. So well loved by the young and old, the quiet and the playful, many wear them out only to be ripped off before the end of the day. Not surprisingly they have been found useful in countless situations and serve just as many purposes as one can imagine, such as in meditation, waiting in line, starting a conversation, finding a screw on the floor, holding a note on the fridge, playing with when bored or fidgeting, creating your own design when idling, for personal styling, matching your favorite outfit, to make a statement, giving it out as a romantic gift, calming your nerves at uneasy moments, alleviating minor chronic pain, improving circulation, …… the list goes on and on. They all come together to define them as one of the most useful daily health jewelry of our times. The good news is that they will be arriving around mid October 2008, just in time for your Christmas shopping season.

Immensely Beautiful Magnetic Memory Wire and Copper Bangle Bracelets

September 12th, 2008

We have just replaced the entire collection of the stainless steelĀ  magnetic memory wire bangles and magnetic copper bangles with a brand new collection of stunningly beautiful hot designs. 3000 gauss strong magnets are embedded in each of the terminal spheres of all these wire bangle bracelets for added health benefits. Each magnetic copper bangle is equipped with six magnets. The body facing magnetic polarity is believed to have magnetic acupunctural effects and may help alleviate minor pain around the wrist as well as improve the natural healing from injuries or recovery from fatigue.