An Awesome Collection of Tungsten Bracelets

August 31st, 2009 by Administrator Leave a reply »

You will probably be surprised by this stunningly marvelous collection of new designs of tungsten bracelets presented by SohoFive. What’s so great about tungsten besides the much told stories of it being used in the nose cone of the space shuttle or the warhead of anti-tank missiles? Well, you need not bear with an all scratched up magnetic bracelet any more as many of our customers found out that both stainless steel and titanium could scratch quite easily. While they seem to last forever, once scratched, they lost the aesthetic element of a stylish jewelry piece, leaving you with the agony of fighting with yourself over whether you should trash it or pretend that no one would ever notice it. It need not be so. Tungsten is scratch resistant and can only be scratched either by itself or very few other materials with an even greater hardness such asĀ  diamond. This property renders it virtually scratch proof in the normal course of most people’s daily life. The difference? They are like new even after years of tear and wear. Moreover, many of these new styles are equipped with multiple types of health improving implants. Try them out! We made it easy for you by waiving the standard restocking fee on returns for all tungsten styles. Just paid $3.95 shipping and handling. We assure you that you would never regret that you did.


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