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Gift Boxed and Ready to Send

December 1st, 2006

Send a gift with Sohofive; and the gift will arrive at the recipient’s place in a gift box with a personalize message from you. Enter your friend’s address into the Ship to Address Field: and enter your own address into the Bill to Address Field:

This gift box service is available free of charge for the holiday season (save a trip to the post office, no more waiting in long lines). We hope you will share the joy of magnetic jewelry with your friends and family; and ship your gift items all over the world. These are some of the quality services available to you as a Sohofive customer. Please see additional information in regards to international shipping.

Magnetic Hematite Jewelry

November 6th, 2006

Our customers have asked for more varieties of magnetic hematite jewelry. Sohofive took on the task of designing several new lines of magnetic hematite jewelry with hand painted coatings over the magnetic beads. We are pleased to present another Sohofive creation just in time for the holiday season.

Magnetic Hematite Jewelry

Also, don’t forget about magnetic wrap bracelets that can be worn as necklaces, chokers, and bracelets. These unique items make a great addition to an existing magnetic hematite jewelry collection.

Magnetic Wrap Bracelets

October 27th, 2006

Magnetic wrap bracelets are very versatile, and the type of fashion jewelry that can be both therapeutic and fun. The longer magnetic wrap jewelry can function as a bangle type bracelet which can wrap around your wrist four to five times. It can also function as a necklace or a choker (twice around your neck). It is bound to be lots of fun for the person who receives such a unique gift this holiday.

We offer over one hundred and thirty magnetic wrap bracelet styles to choose from. Some consist of freshwater pearls, colored magnetic hematite beads, cloisonne tubes, bali beads, faceted beads, and other endless combinations. There are different designs for individuals with light color, dark color, and medium color preferences. Order them today, as they are selling very fast and might sell out the next time you visit.

Magnetic Wrap Bracelets and Necklaces

Magnetic Wrap Bracelets

Magnetic Wrap Bracelets

Wood Pendants and Bracelets

October 19th, 2006

Wood pendants offer something that is uniquely carved and distinct to your necklace and chains collection. Some designs range from simple to intricate detailed skull carvings. Each wood pendant is harvested tropical wood by local craftsmen that contribute to the different colors of each pendant.

Wood Pendants

Our wood series would not be complete without wood bracelets. Popular wood bracelets include Buddhist prayer bracelets and wood bead woven bracelets.

Wood Bracelets

Unique Earrings

October 14th, 2006

Sohofive offers a unique earrings selection in our boutique. You will find a healthy combination of chandelier earrings, feather earrings alongside various fashion earring styles.

Chandelier Earrings

Feather Earrings

Fashion Earrings

More Colors and Varieties

September 29th, 2006

Our buyers have stepped up and delivered on more colors and more varieties to satiate those customers who cannot get enough of magnetic bracelets with a fashion jewelry twist. Finely crafted, each magnetic bracelet comes with its own distinct beads and patterns in this deluxe series. These handcrafted designer magnetic bead bracelets will be hard to find again once they sell out for this season.

Hematite Magnetic Bracelets

You will rarely find a magnetic bracelet integrated with rose quartz, cat’s eye chips, green turquoise tumble beads, or red coral beads anywhere else.

Hematite Magnetic Bracelets

Continuing with more styles in this series, other bracelet designs consist of faceted crystal beads, hearts, cubes, round howlite beads, and diamond cut hematite magnets to enhance the variety.

Magnetic Hematite

To browse through the magnetic hematite bracelets, it is important to use the next link as highlighted by the red icon. You will be surprised to find more than hundreds of styles available.

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Jade Jewelry

September 29th, 2006

Sometimes it is very easy to miss great looking jewelry items because the website is big and contains an overwhelming number of items for sale. In addition to the many magnetic jewelry items, we also offer jade jewelry to add to your accessories. Fine jade in Eastern cultures have a comparable value to that of diamonds and gold in the Western cultures. Sohofive offers a select mix of jade jewelry which includes pendants and earrings.

Jade Jewelry

There are also an assortment of fashion jade beaded bracelets held together with a delicate rope design. The pull string is adjustable for a wrist size from six to ten inches. We hope you enjoy them.

Jade Bracelet

Different Ways to Wear a Lariat

September 26th, 2006

The long lengths of a magnetic lariat allows you to creatively wear them as a bracelet, anklet, necklace or choker. Here are some interesting magnetic lariat photos from Flickr worn by their photosharing users. Owning a magnetic lariat will provide for hours of fun for you and your friends.

Alicia's Bracelet

Flickr - Christa with a Magnetic Necklace

Flickr - Back at work with Magnetic Necklace

You can start browsing the many different magnetic necklaces we have available ranging from 14″ lengths up to 37″ lengths with over 120+ styles to choose from.
Magnetic Necklaces at Sohofive

Remember, owning 1 magnetic lariat may not be enough. On average, customers buy 2-3 different styles per purchase.

Beaded Jewelry

August 2nd, 2006

SohoFive beaded jewelry series are all carefully handmade with top quality craftsmanship and genuine semiprecious gem stones. The various collections of beaded earrings, bracelets, and necklaces shown here are most representative of our latest designer handcrafted jewelry styles. These stylish beaded jewelry can be worn on an every day basis, serving as the foundation of elaborateness to one’s apparel. With gemstones of every possible shades of color, beaded jewelry combines ornate gemstones to create a work of art. When compared to other jewelry, beaded jewelry may lack the sparkles of diamonds, silver, and gold, but it makes up in the tranquil feel of simplicity. With a remarkable collection of beaded jewelry that is designed exclusively for Sohofive, we offer great opportunities in providing you with exquisite beaded jewelry that will add a touch of glamour.

Beaded Jewelry

Created with skillful and meticulous craftsmanship, beaded jewelry is created from a rare collection of beautiful gemstones such as tourmaline, amethyst, turquoise, rose quartz, jade, Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls, and other various gemstones. Each gemstone is embedded with a desirable appeal of its own, making it popular among wearers for its fineness and at the same time, simplicity. However, in the same instance, beaded jewelry still contains intricate patterns of gemstones and details that make it stand out when worn. Just by wearing beaded jewelry, it will add a sliver of beauty into your attire.

Each fashionable piece of our collection is imbued with imagination and inspiration of all sorts, allowing the crafters to create a marvelous necklace, bracelet, or earrings. In the end, the beaded jewelry piece is one of a kind.

The beaded jewelry offered by Sohofive contains genuine semiprecious gemstones that are said to be infused with elements that helps enhance one’s well being and stimulate relaxation and calmness. For example, a common gemstone found in most of our designs is rose quartz which is said to be great for attracting love. One other aspect is its ability to promote self-loving and heals emotional wounds. Another notable gemstone used is amethyst which helps vivid dreams proliferate, relieves depression, and promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. With characteristics such as these, beaded jewelry is a must have.

Amesthyst Bracelet