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About Germanium, FIR, Negative Ions & Hematite

May 11th, 2010

Leading the trend is the driving force that has been pushing us to excel in the magnetic jewelry business. To live up to our customers’ expectation, we have always been searching for the latest products and designs, especially those of most potential health benefits and trendy styles in addition to our own new in-house designer styles.  Here they are! Many new magnetic bracelets with germanium, FIR, negative iron and hematite implants have been introduced to the US market for the first time. They are available in all three major type of metals commonly used to make magnetic jewelry bracelets, namely tungsten, titanium and stainless steel. But why germanium, FIR, negative iron and hematite? Here is why:

Germanium is believed to have blood-thinning effects and may be beneficial to people with high VLDL triglyceride levels, low protein or phosphorus, very high calcium, or poor circulation due to atherosclerosis.

FIR stands for far infrared, which possesses a property to emit thermal heat capable of penetrating to a certain depth into the human body and thus help improve circulation and alleviate inflammation as well as low body temperature.

Negative irons or anions are supposedly abundant in nature that the human body has adapted to over millions of years of evolution and thus an essential natural element for health. Unfortunately, due to worldwide deforestation and man made change to the environment as a result of civilization, negative irons are no longer in balance in a global scale and especially depleted in an urban environment. The ironic substance implanted in our bracelets gradually releases negative irons to at least partially restore this imbalance in a localized setting and promote the well being of the wearer.

Hematite has long been used as ornaments in Babylonian, Indian, Egyptian  and Chinese history.  It is believed to possess supernatural power to fence of evil and have a spiritual pacifying effect.

More Eye Popping Beauties from SohoFive

December 1st, 2009

You can always expect more from SohoFive. To cater to the ever more discriminating tastes of our customers, some two hundred astonishing new styles of magnetic bracelets have recently been uploaded, many of which are exclusive from SohoFive and have never been seen before. Come enjoy as many of our returning customers do before they make up their mind. Well, sometimes too many great options can make it tough for you. Fortunately, you still have some time because we are well known for shipping lightning fast. But be advised that postal congestion and delays are likely around this time of the year. And your favorite styles may go fast, too. Order as early as you can just to be on the safe side.

An Awesome Collection of Tungsten Bracelets

August 31st, 2009

You will probably be surprised by this stunningly marvelous collection of new designs of tungsten bracelets presented by SohoFive. What’s so great about tungsten besides the much told stories of it being used in the nose cone of the space shuttle or the warhead of anti-tank missiles? Well, you need not bear with an all scratched up magnetic bracelet any more as many of our customers found out that both stainless steel and titanium could scratch quite easily. While they seem to last forever, once scratched, they lost the aesthetic element of a stylish jewelry piece, leaving you with the agony of fighting with yourself over whether you should trash it or pretend that no one would ever notice it. It need not be so. Tungsten is scratch resistant and can only be scratched either by itself or very few other materials with an even greater hardness such as  diamond. This property renders it virtually scratch proof in the normal course of most people’s daily life. The difference? They are like new even after years of tear and wear. Moreover, many of these new styles are equipped with multiple types of health improving implants. Try them out! We made it easy for you by waiving the standard restocking fee on returns for all tungsten styles. Just paid $3.95 shipping and handling. We assure you that you would never regret that you did.

The Magical Claspless Magnet Bracelets Will Be Back Soon!

September 20th, 2008

The forever captivating magic of magnet bracelets have not been forgotten. Coming soon will be an entirely new collection in beautiful new designs and colors from the most conservative to the most fancy and romantic. So well loved by the young and old, the quiet and the playful, many wear them out only to be ripped off before the end of the day. Not surprisingly they have been found useful in countless situations and serve just as many purposes as one can imagine, such as in meditation, waiting in line, starting a conversation, finding a screw on the floor, holding a note on the fridge, playing with when bored or fidgeting, creating your own design when idling, for personal styling, matching your favorite outfit, to make a statement, giving it out as a romantic gift, calming your nerves at uneasy moments, alleviating minor chronic pain, improving circulation, …… the list goes on and on. They all come together to define them as one of the most useful daily health jewelry of our times. The good news is that they will be arriving around mid October 2008, just in time for your Christmas shopping season.

Immensely Beautiful Magnetic Memory Wire and Copper Bangle Bracelets

September 12th, 2008

We have just replaced the entire collection of the stainless steel  magnetic memory wire bangles and magnetic copper bangles with a brand new collection of stunningly beautiful hot designs. 3000 gauss strong magnets are embedded in each of the terminal spheres of all these wire bangle bracelets for added health benefits. Each magnetic copper bangle is equipped with six magnets. The body facing magnetic polarity is believed to have magnetic acupunctural effects and may help alleviate minor pain around the wrist as well as improve the natural healing from injuries or recovery from fatigue.

A Great Collection of New Styles of Magnetic Bracelets Added Recently

June 19th, 2008

As our ongoing effort to offer the greatest selection of magnetic jewelry for our customers, a great new collection of magnetic jewelry has been added over the past few weeks which includes a wide variety of new styles with new materials for added therapeutic implications such as germanium, infrared and negative ions. So far this season, 110 styles of stainless steel magnetic bracelets, 40 styles of titanium magnetic bracelets, 193 styles of hematite magnetic lariat wrap bracelets, 18 styles of tungsten carbide magnetic bracelets, among others, have been added. Many of our new additions are exclusive designer styles offered only by Best of all, they are on promotional sales right now. Come in and check them out. That’s not all. More new magnetic copper bangle and braided wire cuff bracelet styles as well as hematite magnetic lariats will be coming soon. And that is by far the end of it. As we continue to grow, more new styles in greater varieties and more new categories will be presented. Just be assured that as the #1 magnetic jewelry store, we will continue to do the best we can to keep up our name.

Warehouse Upgrades

January 28th, 2007

While our warehouse is expanding its operations, we apologize for some delays to Sohofive orders. This issue is being addressed at the utmost priority.

International Orders are no longer a shipping option until the proper upgrades are put into place. This will not effect magnetic bracelet orders within the continental United States. We will continue to offer the best variety of magnetic jewelry to valued customers as in-house designers are constantly coming up with new designs.

Year End Clearance Sale

December 27th, 2006

Wrapping up a successful year as search engines rewarded Sohofive with top spots for search terms magnetic jewelry and magnetic bracelets, we decided to run a Year End Clearance Sale till midnight of December 31st 2006 as a thank you for all the customers who made it possible for us to bring every variety of magnetic jewellery on the market to one website. Our commitment towards sourcing and manufacturing unique gifts for golfers, therapeutic accessories, and magnetic fashion jewelry will continue with full force into 2007.

Also we want to highlight a post order survey – customer rating from a very special lady Christa. Thank you!

Ordered beautiful magnetic wrap bracelet/necklaces from Sohofive and was so thrilled with the product and the quick delivery that I placed 2 more orders before Christmas too. All of the ladies in my family were very happy with their gifts this Christmas.”

Magnet Bracelets Featured on YouTube

December 21st, 2006

The magnet bracelets offered at SohoFive are feature on YouTube in a video produced by another company selling similar magnetic products. These bracelets are claspless as we like to call them because they are one hundred percent pure rare earth magnets that form a bracelet through the pull of its own north and south polarities. They also present hours of fun (perfect for the younger crowd, and of course great for those who already own other magnetic bracelets) when detaching and re-attaching them. With a two to three inch magnetic pull, you know these magnet bracelets are strong.

Magnet Bracelet Featured

You can purchase these claspless magnet bracelets at Sohofive along with a large selection of magnetic bracelets and magnetic necklaces.

Claspless Bracelets

Gifts for Golfers

December 21st, 2006

Hmmmm, do golfers need another club as a gift? How about a titanium bracelet or a golf bracelet as a present? A titanium bracelet would be the perfect golf accessory to match their titanium set of clubs.

They are ultra light weight and will not add weight to their golf swings. Many professional golfers swear by the effects of their magnetic bracelets; and wear them daily on the course and off the course.

Gifts for Golfers