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Warning Message from SohoFive

December 1st, 2007

We recently discovered that there is another website which not only completely duplicated our website pretending to be affiliated with but also has been sending spam mails in our name. We hereby announce that:

1. never sent and will never send spam mails to our customers.

2. This spamming site is definitely not associated with in any way.

3. In order to preserve an ethical and healthy ecommerce environment, we encourage our customers to report this unethical website to Yahoo which is the hosting company by sending an email to the email address given below if you ever received any spam mail pretending to be sent from while redirecting you to another website:

4. We are collecting evidence in order to pursue legal action against the website(s) committing Internet misconduct and business malpractice. If you received any spam mail that appeared to be in our name but redirecting you to another website, please forward it to us. Your assistance in this regard would be much appreciative.

5. Purchasing from the website engaging in business malpractice subjects you to sudden disruption of shipment and the after mass of recovering your payment as this website is currently under investigation by the concerning authority and legal action is being pursued to shut it down.

Warehouse Upgrades

January 28th, 2007

While our warehouse is expanding its operations, we apologize for some delays to Sohofive orders. This issue is being addressed at the utmost priority.

International Orders are no longer a shipping option until the proper upgrades are put into place. This will not effect magnetic bracelet orders within the continental United States. We will continue to offer the best variety of magnetic jewelry to valued customers as in-house designers are constantly coming up with new designs.

Wholesale Magnetic Jewelry

December 21st, 2006

If you are looking for wholesale magnetic jewelry, you have found the right source to help manufacture your designs or purchase existing designs in bulk. Sohofive has dedicated representatives to facilitate a working business relationship for brick and mortar retailers based on wholesale magnetic jewelry needs.

Our goal is to provide retailers the best reasonable prices on the biggest variety of magnetic merchandise. As a wholesale distributor working with multi-national manufacturing sources, we can take an existing design in quantities as low as a few dozen and have the finished magnetic jewelry delivered in a short lead time.

The different types of magnetic jewelry readily available for wholesale are the following:

Ever Want to Know What Our Customers are Saying?

December 2nd, 2006

They have a lot of good things to say. It makes us blush when there is nothing more satisfying than hearing praise about top quality products and services. Here are some of the comments we have collected via post transaction surveys by the Yahoo Shopping Network.

  • “The pictures of the Jewelry do not do it justice. They are so much nicer in person, once I actually saw them. Nice!”
  • “Excellent choices, great prices. Lightening fast shipping.”
  • “This was a very good on-line shopping experience. I would definitely shop here again.”

If you are interested in reading all of the magnetic bracelet testimonials, you can find them on the main website.

Magnetic Fields Give Micro Organisms Direction

October 24th, 2006

Source: Naval Research Laboratory and Science A GoGo

In the past, scientists had suspected that being magnetic helps a bacterium find the oxygen concentrations it prefers more quickly by swimming only up and down relative to the Earth’s magnetic field, rather than randomly in all directions.

Now, with both magnetic and non-magnetic versions of the same bacteria, the researchers were able to test this hypothesis. And it seems that being magnetic does indeed help the bacteria move to preferred low-oxygen environments, but how magnetism actually does this is still not clear, appearing to be more complex than simply swimming up and down. “We determined that being magnetic actually makes the bacteria much more sensitive to oxygen when in a magnetic field, so that they swim away from oxygen at much lower concentrations,” said NRL researcher Paul Sheehan. And it seems the stronger the magnetic field, the bigger the effect.

Magnetism and magnetics continue to work in mysterious ways. Maybe we should not take it for granted that the earth has large magnetic fields all around.

Magnetic Therapy Articles

October 13th, 2006

Many customers have questions regarding magnetic therapy, and we present you with a variety of articles written by health professionals. We also encourage you to engage in a discussion if a particular article strikes your interest.

Topics include the National Health Service allowing general practitioners to prescribe magnetic therapy; and pain reduction with magnetic therapy. The NHS is England’s universal health care system, where as America is the only industrialized nation in the world without universal health care for its citizens.

Titanium or Stainless Steel

October 3rd, 2006

A titanium magnetic bracelet or a stainless steel magnetic bracelet?

This is a common question asked by many customers when making a purchase decision. Before titanium was introduced into magnetic jewelry manufacturing, stainless steel was the metal of choice. Like all highly quality stainless steel products, a magnetic bracelet crafted from stainless steel is no exception. It is resistance to corrosion and staining hence the term stainless. The stainless steel used in Sohofive magnetic bracelets is the same 316L grade as those used for surgical instruments, food processing parts, and cutlery.

Steel Magnetic Bracelet

Now let’s turn our attention to titanium magnetic bracelets. Titanium is as strong as steel and half the weight. Titanium has an extremely low incidence of causing allergic reactions from prolonged use, thus the popularity of using titanium in body implant surgeries for its non-allergenic properties. The refining process for pure titanium is difficult hence titanium products are more expensive. More jewelry products are adopting the use of titanium; in some jewelry shops, you will often find titanium wedding bands sold along side with platinum wedding bands. The only reason platinum is more expensive than titanium is because of its rarity, not because it is a better metal.

If you are not convinced about titanium products, go to an eyeglass store and try out a pair of titanium eyeglass frames. You will know and feel the difference instantly compared to regular steel eyeglass frames. Titanium magnetic bracelets offer high durability, lighter weight, and non-allergenic properties.

Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

There you have it, the main differences between titanium and stainless steel. Regardless of which type of metal you preferred, the magnetic bracelets offered by Sohofive are very high quality products.

Magnetic Jewelry Questions & Answers

September 24th, 2006

How do I know which size to select for the magnetic bracelet?

The size we have measured is from end to end of the bracelets. You can use a piece of paper to wrap around your wrist and then measure that length of paper to get your wrist size. Some people prefer a loose bracelet and some like it just right. It really depends on you preference.

Can you send me a catalog of your magnetic jewelry?

In order to cut cost and offer saving to customers, we do not print and mail out catalogs. Our complete items catalog is internet based. New products are announced through newsletter emails. You may use the form at the bottom of the left hand navigation and you will be automatically subscribed to our newsletter for product announcements and special promotions.

What happens when I may be near a magnetic field when wearing a magnetic bracelet (i.e. in a store with magnetic machines)?

If it gets too close, it may have an effect on any magnetically sensitive device or materials, such as credit card, electronic device or mechanical watches, pacemaker, etc. However, they generally will not trigger any magnetic device in an ordinary store.

Do these magnetic bracelets need to be “recharged”?

No. They have permanent earth magnets implanted into the links that can last a lifetime. As long as the magnetic bracelets are stored away from power lines and other magnets, it will retain its magnetic properties for a long time.

Can a magnetic bracelet be worn while bathing or swimming?

Yes. They are made of stainless steel which is corrosion resistant. A titanium magnetic bracelet is even more durable and ultra light weight.

How can I resize my magnetic bracelet?

It can be easily resized with the proper tools. Just push the pins out then remove or add the extra links for the desired length. Reconnect the ends by putting the pins back in place. Alternatively, it can be done at any local watch or jewelry store for free or a small fee. (It is a very simple process and takes less than a few minutes with jeweler’s tools; most local stores are happy to help you resize for free. Just ask nicely.)

What is gauss strength?

Gauss is a unit measurement used to determine magnetic intensity. Standard gauss strength of 2000 and above is optimal for magnetic therapy. We use lab grade gaussmeters to accurately identify magnetic bracelet gauss readings.

How do your magnetic bracelets measure up to Sabona bracelets?

Sohofive magnetic bracelets are direct competitors with Sabona bracelets. We offer stainless steel, titanium magnetic bracelets, and copper wristbands. Sabona offers a similar variety. However, our selection of different styles is ten times larger than Sabona’s because we are constantly seeking out manufacturers with high technological machinery to produce magnetic bracelets according to our design needs.

Do you offer other magnetic products?

We are currently very specialized in magnetic jewelry. Selling magnetic products such as magnetic mattresses or magnetic pillows would distract our designers and buyers from creating the largest online retailer of magnetic bracelets and jewelry.

Magnetic Jewelry and Benefits

June 6th, 2006

A magnetic bracelet can make a difference. SohoFive strives to provide you with a variety of magnetic bracelets as possible gift ideas. Our stainless steel magnetic bracelet styles are popular among many, including golfers (often purchased in golf pro shops) and sport enthusiasts throughout the world. Through this magnetic bracelet, their active performance is enhanced and assisted by the magnetic polarities from frequent wear.

Magnetic Bracelet

Many believe that the magnetic bracelet contains elements that are positive to one’s well being. For example, many professional golfers wear magnetic bracelets not because they are paid to do so, but because they truly believe in it and have experienced its effects. From an exquisite collection of bracelets, some preferred lighter titanium magnetic bracelets. Golf magazines have also given high praise to the popularity of magnetic bracelets, where 90% of senior pro golfers are surveyed to own or worn a magnetic bracelet.

Footballer players have also been reported to apply magnetic treatments for their aches and pains after strenuous games. Dan Marino (professional football player) has stated “I know what a difference magnets have made in my life! I would like to help anyone else I can feel this great!” There are many professional and non-professional athletes who provide anecdotal evidence from positive personal experiences that corroborates the effects of the magnetic bracelet. However, the magnetic bracelets are not only worn by athletes, others ranging from a wide age gap often take a liking to the stylish look of it.

Magnetic bracelet properties have been attributed to:

  • Provide Pain-Relief
  • Improve Circulation
  • Promote Relaxation
  • Enhance Well Being

SohoFive offers stunning magnetic bracelet varieties with over a few hundred styles to choose from. No other retailer’s selection can come to our large collection. Each magnetic bracelet is created from top premium grade materials such as neodymium rare earth permanent magnets and individually inspected for quality control before leaving the factory.

Titanium Bracelet

Some Precautions: Unlike using prescription drugs, a magnetic bracelet is non-invasive and works naturally. However, do not use it during pregnancy or if you wear a pacemaker or if you are epileptic.