Warning Message from SohoFive

December 1st, 2007 by Administrator Leave a reply »

We recently discovered that there is another website which not only completely duplicated our website pretending to be affiliated with sohofive.com but also has been sending spam mails in our name. We hereby announce that:

1. Sohofive.com never sent and will never send spam mails to our customers.

2. This spamming site is definitely not associated with sohofive.com in any way.

3. In order to preserve an ethical and healthy ecommerce environment, we encourage our customers to report this unethical website to Yahoo which is the hosting company by sending an email to the email address given below if you ever received any spam mail pretending to be sent from sohofive.com while redirecting you to another website:


4. We are collecting evidence in order to pursue legal action against the website(s) committing Internet misconduct and business malpractice. If you received any spam mail that appeared to be in our name but redirecting you to another website, please forward it to us. Your assistance in this regard would be much appreciative.

5. Purchasing from the website engaging in business malpractice subjects you to sudden disruption of shipment and the after mass of recovering your payment as this website is currently under investigation by the concerning authority and legal action is being pursued to shut it down.


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