Warning Message from SohoFive

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We recently discovered that there is another website which not only completely duplicated our website pretending to be affiliated with sohofive.com but also has been sending spam mails in our name. We hereby announce that:

1. Sohofive.com never sent and will never send spam mails to our customers.

2. This spamming site is definitely not associated with sohofive.com in any way.

3. In order to preserve an ethical and healthy ecommerce environment, we encourage our customers to report this unethical website to Yahoo which is the hosting company by sending an email to the email address given below if you ever received any spam mail pretending to be sent from sohofive.com while redirecting you to another website:


4. We are collecting evidence in order to pursue legal action against the website(s) committing Internet misconduct and business malpractice. If you received any spam mail that appeared to be in our name but redirecting you to another website, please forward it to us. Your assistance in this regard would be much appreciative.

5. Purchasing from the website engaging in business malpractice subjects you to sudden disruption of shipment and the after mass of recovering your payment as this website is currently under investigation by the concerning authority and legal action is being pursued to shut it down.

Warehouse Upgrades

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While our warehouse is expanding its operations, we apologize for some delays to Sohofive orders. This issue is being addressed at the utmost priority.

International Orders are no longer a shipping option until the proper upgrades are put into place. This will not effect magnetic bracelet orders within the continental United States. We will continue to offer the best variety of magnetic jewelry to valued customers as in-house designers are constantly coming up with new designs.

Year End Clearance Sale

December 27th, 2006 by Administrator 1 comment »

Wrapping up a successful year as search engines rewarded Sohofive with top spots for search terms magnetic jewelry and magnetic bracelets, we decided to run a Year End Clearance Sale till midnight of December 31st 2006 as a thank you for all the customers who made it possible for us to bring every variety of magnetic jewellery on the market to one website. Our commitment towards sourcing and manufacturing unique gifts for golfers, therapeutic accessories, and magnetic fashion jewelry will continue with full force into 2007.

Also we want to highlight a post order survey – customer rating from a very special lady Christa. Thank you!

Ordered beautiful magnetic wrap bracelet/necklaces from Sohofive and was so thrilled with the product and the quick delivery that I placed 2 more orders before Christmas too. All of the ladies in my family were very happy with their gifts this Christmas.”

Magnet Bracelets Featured on YouTube

December 21st, 2006 by Administrator 1 comment »

The magnet bracelets offered at SohoFive are feature on YouTube in a video produced by another company selling similar magnetic products. These bracelets are claspless as we like to call them because they are one hundred percent pure rare earth magnets that form a bracelet through the pull of its own north and south polarities. They also present hours of fun (perfect for the younger crowd, and of course great for those who already own other magnetic bracelets) when detaching and re-attaching them. With a two to three inch magnetic pull, you know these magnet bracelets are strong.

Magnet Bracelet Featured

You can purchase these claspless magnet bracelets at Sohofive along with a large selection of magnetic bracelets and magnetic necklaces.

Claspless Bracelets

Gifts for Golfers

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Hmmmm, do golfers need another club as a gift? How about a titanium bracelet or a golf bracelet as a present? A titanium bracelet would be the perfect golf accessory to match their titanium set of clubs.

They are ultra light weight and will not add weight to their golf swings. Many professional golfers swear by the effects of their magnetic bracelets; and wear them daily on the course and off the course.

Gifts for Golfers

Wholesale Magnetic Jewelry

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If you are looking for wholesale magnetic jewelry, you have found the right source to help manufacture your designs or purchase existing designs in bulk. Sohofive has dedicated representatives to facilitate a working business relationship for brick and mortar retailers based on wholesale magnetic jewelry needs.

Our goal is to provide retailers the best reasonable prices on the biggest variety of magnetic merchandise. As a wholesale distributor working with multi-national manufacturing sources, we can take an existing design in quantities as low as a few dozen and have the finished magnetic jewelry delivered in a short lead time.

The different types of magnetic jewelry readily available for wholesale are the following:

Ever Want to Know What Our Customers are Saying?

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They have a lot of good things to say. It makes us blush when there is nothing more satisfying than hearing praise about top quality products and services. Here are some of the comments we have collected via post transaction surveys by the Yahoo Shopping Network.

  • “The pictures of the Jewelry do not do it justice. They are so much nicer in person, once I actually saw them. Nice!”
  • “Excellent choices, great prices. Lightening fast shipping.”
  • “This was a very good on-line shopping experience. I would definitely shop here again.”

If you are interested in reading all of the magnetic bracelet testimonials, you can find them on the main website.

Gift Boxed and Ready to Send

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Send a gift with Sohofive; and the gift will arrive at the recipient’s place in a gift box with a personalize message from you. Enter your friend’s address into the Ship to Address Field: and enter your own address into the Bill to Address Field:

This gift box service is available free of charge for the holiday season (save a trip to the post office, no more waiting in long lines). We hope you will share the joy of magnetic jewelry with your friends and family; and ship your gift items all over the world. These are some of the quality services available to you as a Sohofive customer. Please see additional information in regards to international shipping.

Magnetic Jewelry Contest Winners!

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We want to thank everyone who participated in the free gift certificate give away by signing up with our newsletter. We are happy with reaching our new subscribers’ goal. Let’s announce the winners and prizes.

  • 1st Prize of a $100 Gift Certificate Winner: Diane Wright of Walnut Creek, CA.
  • 2nd Prize of $65 Certificate Winner is: Sally Barich of Macon, GA.
  • 3rd Prize of $35 Certificate Winner is: Bruce Tipler of Sandy Hook, CT.

Winners have been notified using their contact information provided during the newsletter sign-up process.

Please use these certificates this holiday season! A unique gift of a magnetic bracelet or necklace will bring a smile to those who are receiving them.

Claspless Magnetic Bracelets

November 14th, 2006 by Administrator 1 comment »

Sohofive introduces Claspless Magnetic Bracelets into an already extensive magnetic jewelry collection. Each cylinder, heart, square block are made from strong neodymium rare earth magnets. The magnet bracelets are formed by the pull of each adjacent magnet’s pure strength thus requiring neither clasp nor pins to keep the bracelet together.

Claspless Magnetic Bracelets

Also known as a true magnet bracelet where every part of the bracelet is a magnet, these claspless magnetic bracelets are easy to take apart and reassemble to different sizes and styles without instructions. We will be working with jewelry designers in the near future to bring additional magnet bracelet styles to the public using non-traditional heart shaped magnets and more.

As always, keep magnetic bracelets away from pacemakers and similar medical devices. In addition, keep the claspless bracelets away from children as small magnets pose a choking hazard.